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timber post guardrail Nov2015

​Timber Post Trailing Terminal

In some cases, such as when installed on divided roadways, downstream ends of roadside W-Beam barriers may not be subject to head-on impacts. For such cases, the end-terminal needs to provide the necessary longitudinal support to redirect vehicles that impact the barrier near the end of the system.

Trailing Terminals are intended to provide anchorage for the W-Beam barrier. They are not crashworthy terminals when struck head-on, since they are not designed to break away.


Manual Tab.
Drawing Number Description Updated
EZY-SM-023 Ezy-Guard to Trailing Terminal - GA 22-08-2014
Ezy-Guard NZTA Curved Terminal - GA 09-09-2013
Ezy-Guard - Intermediate Anchor - GA 22-08-2014