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Flexfence Standard Terminal

Standard End Terminal

The Safence Standard Terminal is designed to provide the necessary anchoring support to the cables so they can redirect errant vehicles that impact the wire rope barrier within the length-of-need section.

The Standard Terminal is a release terminal and therefore can only be used in locations where it cannot be impacted, such as behind a semi-rigid or rigid barrier. For design applications which require a non-release terminal, refer to the Safence TL3 Terminal.

The standard end terminal is available with a variety of anchor block designs. These include rectangular, trapezoidal and pier shapes. The selection of a suitable design will depend upon soil type, road formation width and available installation equipment.

Manual Tab.
Data Sheet Tab.
Drawing Number Description Updated
4 Rope Configuration 17/01/2017
Tension Panel Arrangementt 02/11/2011
Rectangular (Type 1) Anchor Block 02/11/2011
Trapezoidal (Type 2) Anchor Block 02/11/2011
Pier (Type 4) Anchor Block 20/06/2011