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Safence Driven Sleeve

The superior design and clean lines of Safence Wire Rope Safety Barrier (WRSB) has seen it become the road safety industry’s preferred wire rope barrier. Safence has gained popularity in median applications, for the prevention of cross-median accidents, and verge applications where the system has proven TL4 containment capabilities with some of the lowest occupant impact severities for any type of safety barrier.

The straight alignment of the ropes allows for easy installation and tensioning. Post footings are typically concrete with a sleeve to form a recess. Once the anchors and footings are poured, the ropes are cut to length, stainless steel end fittings are machine swaged and the ropes are tensioned.

Safence TL4 has been assessed in accordance with NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 4 (TL4). The TL4 heavy vehicle impacts are performed with a 2,000kg pick-up truck travelling at 100km/h and 25° impact angle, and an 8,000kg rigid truck travelling at 80km/h and 15°.


Drawing Number Description Updated
Safence TL4 Post Arrangement 02/11/2011
Tension Panel Arrangement 02/11/2011
WR-STD-83 Post on Base Plate 20/06/2011
Post on Base Plate Option
  Safence TL3 End Terminal - 6th Post Impact