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Welcome to Ingal Civil Products, New Zealand

Ingal Civil Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of safety barrier systems. A division of Industrial Galvanizers Corporation Pty Ltd, we are part of a large network of companies specialising in engineered steel products and galvanizing services whilst employing over 8000 people in more than 20 countries. At Ingal Civil Products we pride ourselves on having made a significant contribution to the safety of our roads. Our product range includes road safety barriers, carpark & industrial barriers, temporary workzone barriers & traffic control products, plate structures, delineation and fencing products. We are the market leader for safety barrier systems and continue to service our customers through our ongoing program of research and development.


W-Beam & Thriebeam Guardrail

We offer the full range of guardrail systems used in NZ, from the MASH TL3 compliant Ezy-Guard 4 to TL4 Ezy-Guard HC. >>> Read more


Ingal Civil now provide Plate Structures and Buried Corrugated Metal Structures, commonly referred to as Multiplate. >>> Read more


Motorcycle Protection

At Level 1 impact severity, Ingal MPR offers the highest level of protection for motorcyclists impacting hazards. >>> Read more


MashFlex TL4 WRSB

MashFlex is the new, low deflection, MASH TL4 compliant wire rope safety barrier. Offering superior safety to the old NCHRP-350 systems... >>> Read more

Car Park Barriers

Designed specifically for use in car parks, warehouses, logistics yards, retail parks, loading bays and much more. >>> Read more


Safety Barrier Hire

We offer a range of MASH compliant products for hire on your next project, including HighwayGuard, Armorzone, QuadGuard, >>> Read more


End Terminals

Ingal Civil Products' also offer an extensive range of guardrail terminals including the MASH TL3 SoftStop, ET2000 and Trailing Termials. >>> Read more

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Crash Cushions

Our range of crash cushions include the MASH QuadGuard M10, designed to protect from rigid roadside hazards. >>> Read more


Installation Rigs

Our range of heavy duty installation rigs ensure that our road safety barriers can be installed safely and professionally. >>> Read more

Latest Projects

Dome Valley SH1
First install of the new MashFlex system in New Zealand

Waikato Exp - Huntly
Ezy-Guard, ET2000 terminals and Safence WRSB with driven sleeve

Western Belfast Bypass

Western Belfast Bypass
Safence WRSB, Ezy-Guard 4 with SoftStop end terminals

Ingal Civil Products Fonterra carpark square

Fonterra Head Office
Spring Steel Buffa, Posts, Handrail & Anti-climb mesh

Latest News

Ingal Rigid Barrier Transition now ASBAP approved

June 2023

We are pleased to announce the Ingal RBT is now an ASBAP approved connection for Ezy-Guard 4 and Ezy-Guard HC...Further info >>

TREND Median terminal now ASBAP approved

April 2023

We are pleased to announce the TREND Median Terminal is now ASBAP approved for use with Ezy-Guard 4...Further info >>

Ezy-Guard High Containment - 13T bus crash test

Feb 2019

The Ezy-Guard HC system has been successfully crash tested to EN1317-2 TB51 test with a 13T bus... Read More >>

Ingal Civil BG800 Distribution Agreement Announced

Dec 2018

Ingal Civil Products are pleased to announce we now have an exclusive distribution agreement ... Read More >>

Ingal's Ezy-Lift now NZTA Accepted

April 2017

Ingal is happy to announce the acceptance by Roads & Maritime Services NSW of the Ezy-Lift carriage... Read More >>

Ingal's Raptor™ Pole Protector NOW AVAILABLE

March 2017

Raptor pole protectors are; low cost, fast to install and designed to reduce the severity of vehicle impacts... Read More >>

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