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ZEE deck guard

ZEE Park DeckGuard Barrier

ZEE Park® DeckGuard is designed to allow maximum use of car park floor space, by placing the Flex-Beam guard rail right at the edge of the car park deck. This gives maximum protection with a minimum of space.

The ZEE Park® DeckGuard also uses the proven EZY Guard post profile, and is a high-strength semi-rigid system. DeckGuard is tested and designed to exceed the force prescribed under AS/NZS 1170.1 for light traffic areas. This is achieved with a single anchor per post.

The ZEE Park® is designed to spring under light ‘nudge’ impacts, but predictably yield under severe impacts, preventing damage to the car park structure.

Drawing Number Description  Date Approved 
 STB-048 1100mm high with mesh & handrail 12/05/2016