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ZEE truck shield

ZEE Park TruckShield Barrier

ZEE Park® TruckShield has been tested to the requirements of AS1170.1 for medium traffic areas, and is suitable for freight terminals, logistics facilities, loading docks, or anywhere separation of heavy vehicles and pedestrians is required.

ZEE Park® TruckShield uses a heavier-duty version of the proven EZY Guard post profile, and is a high-strength semirigid system. Truck Shield is tested and designed to exceed the force prescribed under AS/NZS 1170.1 for medium traffic areas. This is achieved with only two anchors per post.

Drawing Number       Description        Date Approved 
STB-051   ISO Metric Assembled View   11/05/2016
STB-058   Truck Shield General Arrangement   15/02/2017