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Ezy-Lift - Rail height adjustment

The height of a barrier is a critical property in its ability to safely contain and redirect an errant vehicle. Road maintenance, such as a pavement overlay, can result in the barrier being at a non-compliant height. The Ezy-Lift Carriage is an innovative height adjustment carriage which offers a range of height increases to ensure a compliant barrier after the road has been overlaid or resurfaced.

The carriage gives the option to lift the W-Beam by +50, +100, +150 and +180mm.

There is no need to reinstall new road safety barriers after resurfacing, meaning a cost effective solution with minimal road closure time. The Ezy-Lift Carriage can be easily retrofitted in the field and uses the same reliable and proven technology of the Ezy-Guard road safety barrier, maintaining your MASH TL-3 / 350 TL4 containment levels.

Manual Tab.
Drawing Number Description Updated
Ezy-Guard 4 with Ezy-Lift - Exploded Assembly 29-03-20018
EZY-SM-137 Ezy-Guard Smart with Ezy-Lift - Exploded Assembly 29-09-2018