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ZEE Park CarPark Barrier

ZEE Park is a high-strength steel car park barrier system that exceeds AS/NZS 1170.1 

How it Works:
With a light ‘nudge’ impact, the ZEE Park Post deforms elastically within tightly controlled limits. When the force is removed the ZEE Park Post springs back to its original position. With a more severe impact, the ZEE Park Post yields in a consistent and predictable manner, absorbing much of the vehicle’s energy - without overloading the anchor or damaging the structure.

The innovative ZEE Park Post permanent deflection is directly proportional to the energy of the impacting vehicle. Individual ZEE Park Posts will only need replacement after a substantial impact, and have been proven to effectively absorb over twice the force proscribed by standard AS/NZS 1170.1 for light traffic areas.

Features & Benefits:
- Fully tested & compliant system for peace of mind
- Low initial deflection - 20mm at 30kN
- Suitable for edge protection close to structures or building facades
- Yielding design prevents damage to footings with larger impacts
- Consistent high performance
- High containment capacity
- Single anchor design – easier, cost-effective installation
- Handrail & Anti-Climb Mesh attachments available for BCA compliance
- Very low footprint (only 100mm x 200mm)
- 100% Australian

Drawing Number       Description        Date Approved 
STB-019A   ZEE Park Post & Rail general arrangement   17/12/2016
STB-020A   ZEE Park Post Rail assembly   31/07/2015
STB-022A   ZEE Park Post with handrail 1100mm GA   24/09/2015
STB-023A   ZEE Park Post with handrail 1300mm GA
STB-024A   With handrail & anticlimb mesh 1300mm
STB-041   With handrail & anticlimb mesh 1100mm