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Safence in Cambridge

Jan  2017

Newly-installed flexible safety barrier known as Safence wire rope barrier have been impacted 48 times in just the first year since they were installed as part of the Waikato Expressway project. The NZTA has observed zero fatalities on the expressway in that period, demonstrating the system’s ability to save lives.

Safence wire rope barrier is designed to control a vehicle’s path and directing it along its original direction as it gradually reduces speed. This is intended to reduce risks to the vehicle occupants and surrounding/oncoming vehicles. They are installed because of their proven benefits to motorcyclists, light and heavy vehicles in reducing risk of serious injury and death. 

This product features on a 16km section of the Waikato Expressway, a $250 million project that was completed 6 months before schedule. It services 22,000 commuters per day. Ingal Civil Products is proud that its technology is having such a positive impact on the greater New Zealand travelling public.

For further technical information, please view the product page here.