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Modified ThrieBeam Guardrail (SGR09B)

February 2020 – Update of New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) Specification M23 Appendix A, has deemed Thriebeam to be a legacy system – repair use only, not for new highway installations. Site Specific acceptance (from NZTA) required for use on structures.

For a MASH Compliant system, please refer to Ezy-Guard High Containment.

“Modified Thrie-beam” (SGR09b) is a modified version of the standard SGR09c Thrie-beam with modified (notched) blockouts and a steel I-Section post. It is an older type of longitudinal barrier in use along local roads and state highways in NZ. It is a public domain (non-proprietary) system.

As it is only compliant with NCHRP-350 TL4, the NZ Transport Agency has recently re-categorised the Modified Thrie-Beam system as a legacy system and may not be installed on new state highway projects. Existing installations may be repaired/maintained until replacement with a higher performing barrier system is viable or necessary. This also includes the double sided variant (SGM09B). 

Drawing Number Description Updated
GRD-NZ-057 NZTA G9 Thriebeam Post Detail 31-08-2015
GRD-NZ-063 Thriebeam Bridge Posts 1098mm OA 17/11/2015
GRD-NZ-065 Thriebeam Bridge Post 845mm OA 03/12/2015
10006309 W-Beam to Thriebeam Transition Rail 31/08/2015
10006452 Thriebeam Cast-In Assembly 31/08/2015