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Safety Barrier Hire NZ

Ingal Civil have a range of quality high-performance safety barriers available for hire for your next project. They can be utilised on a short or long-term basis. Our range includes solutions adaptable to high-traffic areas such as roads and highways that may carry heavy vehicles, through to situations where temporary separation of crowds, pedestrians or cyclists may be needed.

To guarantee the success of your construction works you need to ensure your workers and the general public are safe. Hiring temporary safety barriers and crowd control barriers will help you to safely manage both workers and vehicles whilst maximising protection and reliability.

Ingal Civil have provided temporary safety barriers for a variety of infrastructure projects over many years. They are available for hire now and ready to install. We have kilometres in stock at all times, ensuring that your site can remain both safe and secure.

Our Range:

    MASH TL4 Compliant Standard Portable Steel Safety Barrier
    HighwayGuard™ MASH 16 TL-3 & TL-4 fully tested and compliant at 58m anchor spacing, providing rapid deployment with less anchoring. The simple barrier system uses a single 6m module with integrated anchoring, drainage and forklift access points. The integral T-top design provides exceptional MASH TL-3 and TL-4 performance without the need for additional components. The unique patented T-Connector can be left connected to one piece of barrier. Installation only requires another piece of barrier to be connected (in any direction). Any later barrier alterations or maintenance works are quick and simple.

    • BG800
    MASH TL3 Compliant High-Performance Portable Steel Safety Barrier
    The BG800™ portable steel barrier is the latest in road barrier technology, designed to protect both motorists and construction workers.  The BG800’s unique stepped profile has proven to reduce damage to both vehicle and barrier during impact, minimising the need for repair or replacement. During impact, the BG800 provides an extremely shallow exit angle for the vehicle, minimising the risk of secondary accidents.BG800’s galvanised steel structure offers an expected life cycle of 25 years and with its exceptional durability, the need for replacement through handling or impact damage, unlike similar portable barriers, is greatly reduced.

    Relocatable/Temporary Work-Zone QuadGuard
    The QuadGuard® M10 CZ relocatable crash cushion offers the latest technology for shielding hazards 610mm to 915mm wide. Each QuadGuard® M10 CZ System consists of crushable, energy-absorbing cartridges surrounded by a framework of Energy’s exclusive steel Quad-Beam™ panels. These systems redefine NCHRP 350, Test Level 3 performance for redirective, non-gating attenuators.

    MASH TL2 Compliant High-Performance Temporary Work-Zone Barrier
    The water-filled nature of the ArmorZone™ barrier simplifies its deployment and transportation while increasing safety during the installation process as the empty barriers only weigh 50 kg and are easily handled by two operators.

    High-Performance Temporary Work-Zone Barrier
    The latest solution for temporary pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular management. ArmorCade is made up of 2.0m long plastic units (MDPE) that join together using integral interlocking lugs to form a continuous delineator. Through innovative design, ArmorCade can be installed straight or with acute radius curves, up to 90 degrees if required.


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