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QuadGuard® M10 - MASH Crash Cushion

The QuadGuard® M10 is a redirective, non-gating crash cushion that consists of an engineered steel nose and crushable, energy absorbing cartridges surrounded by a framework of steel Quad-Beam™ panels. The system is tested to the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) Test Level 3. It can be used to shield fixed objects of 610 mm wide.

The QuadGuard® M10, as a member of the QuadGuard® family of crash cushions, consists of many of the same components as the original Test Level 3 QuadGuard® platform and framework in addition to an engineered steel nose and monorail shims.

The QuadGuard® M10 system utilises two types of cartridges in a “staged” configuration that are designed and tested to address vehicles as defined by MASH for both lighter cars and heavier, high centre-of-gravity vehicles.

During head-on impact testing within MASH criteria, the QuadGuard® M10 has been shown to telescope rearward to absorb the energy of impact. When impacted from the side, within the applicable MASH criteria, is has been shown to redirect the vehicle back towards its original travel path and away from the highway feature.


Drawing Number Description Updated
CAB-STD-082 TL3+ FASTRACC System 03/08/2009
CAB-STD-091 TRACC Transition to Thriebeam 03/08/2009
CAB-STD-092 TRACC Transition to W Beam 03/08/2009
CAB-STD-07 TRACC Single Sided Transition to Concrete Barrier 03/08/2009