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HighwayGuard™ Steel Safety Barrier

HighwayGuard ™ is a new-generation of high strength MASH-rated steel safety barrier, suitable for temporary and permanent applications.

HighwayGuard has three deflection configurations:

  • Standard Deflection System (SDS) anchored every 58m – MASH TL-3 & TL-4
  • Limited Deflection System (LDS) anchored every 12m – MASH TL-3 or every 24m – MASH TL-4
  • Minimum Deflection System (MDS) anchored every 2m on traffic face – MASH TL-3 with only 25mm dynamic deflection. This is the lowest deflecting MASH tested steel barrier available.

The HighwayGuard barrier consists of only two main components: A 6m barrier and a T-connector to join the barrier modules. Barrier may be installed in any direction, and access gaps may be easily accomplished. These are made simpler by pre-installing wheel sets.

QuadGuard M10 and ArmorBuffa crash cushions may be used with HighwayGuard, and a tested transition to BG800™ barrier is also available.

Click here to see how HighwayGuard may be deployed and the unique characteristics that make it the steel barrier of choice.


  • Deflection as low as 25mm at MASH TL-3
  • Integral T-Top – providing exceptional TL-3 and TL-4 performance without additional components.
  • One single 6m barrier module with integrated anchoring, drainage, fork and lifting points – reducing inventory and improving productivity.
  • Increased efficiency in transportation – up to 120m on a flat-bed truck, or 192m in a 40ft container.
  • Innovative T-connector – create an opening or increase barrier length with ease.
  • Optional 2.5, 5 and 10 degree angled T-connectors and radiused barrier sections – smoothly deal with any site conditions, down to 3.6m radius. Ideal for roundabouts or intersections.
  • Wheelset option – ability to add wheels for easy barrier mobility.
  • Integrating mounting points for adding screens.