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Ingal Civil SoftStop
Ingal Civil SoftStop
softstop terminal1
softstop terminal1
Soft-Stop (SS 646) with King Blocks
Soft-Stop (SS 646) with King Blocks

SoftStop MASH TL3 End-Terminal

The SoftStop® is an all-steel tangent end terminal for use with W-beam guardrail systems. Using a proprietary head that flattens and extrudes W-beam guardrail upon end-on impacts within the MASH testing criteria, the SoftStop® dissipates energy while guiding flattened rail through the mouth at the bottom of the unit. The system is MASH Test Level 3 compliant as a re-directive, gating end terminal.

  • Tall and narrow extruder head provides less obstruction for ongoing maintenance operations such as mowing or snow removal.
  • 100% galvanized steel head and post design reduces weather/UV related issues.
  • The SoftStop® head has the potential to be reused after impact. The ultimate decision of reusability rests with the specifying transportation authority.
  • Unique anchorage design allows guardrail run to remain anchored during end on impacts, when impacted according to MASH guidelines. 

Assembly Advantages: 

  • Splices at mid-span of the posts allow for easy assembly.
  • Extruded rail is flattened and maintains connection to unit for quicker repair and clean-up.
  • All steel design minimizes debris often found with wood post options.
  • Pre-assembled head and anchor guardrail shipping option allows for quick assembly at site.


  • System Height - 787mm
  • Impact Head Width – 180mm
  • System Length - TL-3: 15.48m
  • Post Spacing From Post 2 through Post 8 – 1.905m
  • Length of Need - Starts at post #3

The SoftStop end terminal is available in two sizes. The compact 7.89m MASH Test Level 2 terminal is an economical solution for application where the posted speed is = 70km/h. The standard 15.48m MASH Test Level 3 terminal is acceptable for all posted speeds > 70km/h.


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Guardrail End Terminals SoftStop General Arrangement


SS-STD-007-NZ SoftStop Cover Assembly 13/06/2019