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Our range of road safety barriers include the various types of W-Beam and Thrie-Beam systems of guardrail and crash barriers. Guardrail products are one of many safety means for motorists on the road.

Guardrail barriers provide semi-rigid protection and shield motorists from hazards located close to the edge of the travelled way. The most common guardrail system consists of a steel w-beam rail (also known as armco) on steel posts with end treatments and transitions of various designs using similar materials.

Ingal Civil Products' guardrail's uniformly high resistance to impact is assured by its continuous flexible beam action. This prevents dangerous pocketing and at the same time minimises the ride down acceleration experienced by the vehicle and its occupants.

The high visibility of guardrail creates driver confidence. This is an intangible but exceedingly important factor. At night or in fog conditions, the excellent visibility of guardrail highlights the limit of safe travel and reduces dangerous centre line crowding.