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Ingal's Ezy-Lift now accepted in NZ 

April 2017

Ingal is happy to announce the acceptance by NZTA of the Ezy-Lift carriage. This new carriage allows for the W-Beam rail to be lift back to a compliant height after the road has been overlaid. Safe containment of an errant vehicle is heavily dependent on the height of a safety barrier and the carriage allows for lifts in the following increments: +50mm, +100mm, +150mm and +180mm.

This innovation future proofs your safety barrier installation through many years of overlays, where historically, the run would have to be uninstalled to bring it back to a compliant height. The Ezy-Lift carriage is easily installed by unbolting the W-Beam rail and replacing the old carriage with the Ezy-Lift, and the same W-Beam is reinstalled at the compliant height. No need for significant civil works in removing posts and re-compacting disturbed soil.

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