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ZEE sentinel

ZEE Park Sentinel Barrier

Until now, bespoke barriers were the only option for these locations. Now, with ZEE Park® Sentinel, there is a low-cost proprietary system available. Car parks can now be designed with ease – using ZEE Park® for deck perimeters and ramp sides, continuing with Zee Park® Sentinel at the ramp ends, or anywhere else a high-strength barrier system is required.

ZEE Park® Sentinel uses a heavier-duty version of the proven EZY Guard post profile, and is a high-strength semi-rigid system. Sentinel is tested and designed to exceed the 240kN force prescribed under AS/NZS 1170.1. This is achieved with only two anchors per post.

Drawing Number       Description        Date Approved 
STB-052    ISO Metric Assembly View   11/05/2016