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MASH Compliant NZ Safety Barriers

Since its introduction in 1999, the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3845 has utilised the NCHRP Report 350 guidelines as the basis for testing protocols to assess safety barrier related hardware and devices. In the recent revision of this Standard, Part 1:2015 and Part 2:2017 recognised the introduction of the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) guidelines, and updated to MASH as the basis for crash testing.

In an effort to encourage installation of MASH compliant devices, the Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (ASBAP) updated its assessment criteria to be in accordance the MASH guidelines as per AS/NZS3845 Parts 1 and 2.

The Panel set a staged transition period due to conclude at the end of December 2020, and this was adopted by the NZTA in April 2019.

Ingal Civil offer the full range of MASH compliant products for your project. These includes our proprietary Ezy-Guard 4 system which is fully compliant to MASH TL3. We have also extended this product family with the Ezy-Guard High Containment, the first Thrie-Beam barrier in New Zealand which is compliant to MASH TL4, this offers a large increase in containment with a 58% increase in impact energy when compared to the old '350 TL4 systems. Both of these barrier systems can be terminated with the SoftStop end-terminal, compliant to MASH TL3.